Endless Mountains War Memorial Museum

Preserving Military history for tomorrow!


The E. M. W. M. M. Monument

Dedicated to our soldier's service, past and present.


Main Street

Sonestown, Pa 17758



The Endless Mountains War Memorial museum is a non-profit organization that takes great pride in offering its visitors admission with out charge.  Viewing is free to all who enter.  The museum is maintained solely by the generous donations it receives, as well as the undying spirit of our beloved veterans.




Come take a tour back in time...

Walk our aisles of historical military memorabilia to the sounds of Big Bands of the 40’s. 

See firsthand, in one of the largest personal military collection in the state a tremendous gathering of military artifacts. 

These artifacts range from Civil War cannon ball to a biplane propeller, to a spoon from Hitler’s personal dinnerware, to a jumpsuit worn by a Blue Angels Pilot!

What you will find...

Artifacts from Civil War, WW1, Korean War and Vietnam- Army and home front memorabilia.  Spanning 100 years and 5 separate conflicts in military history.

Featuring militaria from numerous countries, including Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, and the U.S. among others.


Remembering men and women who sacrificed for our country.


Take a step into the past- into the lives of our veterans.


Experience history firsthand from every aspect of the military.

In Honor of....

The Endless Mountains War Memorial Museum, founded in 1998, was created by Jack Craft, a collector and researcher of war memorabilia, and his son, Jack Jr. in recognition of the unselfish devotion and outstanding heroism exhibited by our nations veterans, Jack built the museum as a heartfelt tribute to their service. 
In doing so, he hopes his displays will leave a lasting impression on the minds of those who pass by them.  “This museum is our way of repaying the debt owed to our veterans, for their tremendous service to our nation. 
E.M.W.M.M. is a small token of appreciation, dedicated to our nation’s veterans for their service to our country.”



The E.M.W.M.M. Monument

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